Frequency Tarot - Divine Guidance Cards

These frequency images, created by personal transformation revolutionary Teal Swan, are paintings of the energetic, vibrational frequency (pre-manifestation) of the specific subject matter each one represents. 

If you draw a card from this deck, you are either a vibrational match to the frequency you have drawn, or you would benefit by the frequency that you have drawn. The deck contains 77 frequency cards, and a booklet with descriptions of each card meaning as well as some reading spreads you can use the cards for.

Size: 2.9 in × 4.7 in × 1.1 in

Customer Reviews

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It's amazing how energy works!

It's amazing how energy works. It has been extremely wise and very useful as a self-reflection exercise. Thank you so much!

Haley jane Evinger

These cards arrived the day I left for the miami workshop. They are exactly what I needed after working with the shadow deck for the last year. I gave my previous cards to the water and these have been amazing. Worth every bit of the money. Quick shipping, and great for helping people become more aware of themselves. Better than traditional tarot I'd say

Shaun Haberle
Love it

I just got into taro recently. I love this pack because it helps me get insight into my current issues. Just be honest with yourself and you will get the answers you seek. Thanks TEAL


Frequency shirts are AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to get a few more.

Powerful Frequencies.

A powerful deck. More than for the outward appearance of the deck, I was drawn to the energy of it. I can naturally relate with the depth and sensitivity of the frequencies it radiates.
I find the readings sharp, true, clear. In alignment with a higher perspective and in connection with a deeper inner knowing.
Loved how my first reading was spot on and how, day after day, I deepen my connection with that tarot.

I really love how the cards feel. Fluid, soft and handy. However, the booklet could be larger (and the texts bigger) and the overall quality of the printing, images and design better. Maybe the painting could occupy the whole card (instead of just a square space), with a white or clearer background (instead of black) and a nicer and more solid box?

Thank you Teal & Team.

great deck full of possibilities

Well i wanted to purchase a painting but really couldn't decide on one so i got them all
They are colorful and full of energy
Can't wait to try a tarot spread