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Teal's Guided Meditation Bundle - Volume 1

Created by personal transformation revolutionary, Teal Swan, this album is a variety of guided meditations and visualizations that span the spectrum of Self Discovery and Self Mastery. They all serve to improve the feeling quality of your life!

 1.  Light Healing Meditation (21:38)

 2.  Tree Meditation (22:14)

 3.  Stress Relief Meditation (33:48)

 4.  Feel Good Meditation (29:09)

 5.  Forgiveness Meditation (38:56)

 6.  Financial Abundance Meditation (22:33)

 7.  Healthy Boundaries Meditation (42:14)

 8.  Spirit Guide Meditation (22:02)

 9.  Spirit Animal Meditation (24:56)

10. Openness Meditation (47:54)

(digital download - .ZIP file)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautiful meditations

I highly recommend Teal’s meditation bundle. I cannot wait to try more of her meditations. Her voice is so sweet and calm that it will take to beautiful places. There is one meditation in particular “Oneness” which basically you will activate your seven main chakras. I am in such a peace state every timeI do it. It is an incredible feeling. These days we can find so many free meditations online. However her meditations are so incredibly good that deserves a price. She is helping me in my healing process and I so lucky that I found her. Xxx

The best spiritual help I found yet.

I never thought spiritual guide was real I really must have been asleep all this time wonder what is like to be fully awake guess it's wonderful.