Frekvence Tarot - Božské orientační karty

Tyto frekvenční obrazy, vytvořené osobní transformací revoluční Teal Swan, jsou obrazy energické, vibrační frekvence (pre-projev) konkrétního předmětu každý z nich představuje. 

Pokud nakreslíte kartu z tohoto balíčku, jste buď vibrační shoda s frekvencí, kterou jste nakreslili, nebo byste měli prospěch z frekvence, kterou jste nakreslili. Balíček obsahuje 77 frekvenčních karet a brožuru s popisy každé karty, což znamená, stejně jako některé čtecí dvojstránky, pro které můžete karty použít.

Velikost: 2,9 v × 4,7 v × 1,1 v

Customer Reviews

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Brooke Berchick
One of my favorite decks!

I love this deck, and it works very well for me. It is one of my favorites for the artwork, accuracy and power. I was a bit disappointed that it arrived in a box that was slightly damaged. It appeared that it had not been handled with care, or was not stored properly such as humidity or extreme temperatures. The cards themselves were in excellent condition. The edges of the box were worn and one of the flaps fell off as soon as I opened it. I had to use scotch tape to repair the card deck box in order to safely store the beautiful cards so I can continue using them a long time. I think Teal's artwork and products are deserving of more gentle care. It seems as though some of the products are handled very quickly, in order to produce a greater quantity, and so customer service is a bit automated and lacking. I have found Teal's youtube videos incredibly helpful in my life, however, I am hesitant to order more products from her store because I am concerned about the quality.


So relevant to the exact set up the universe has me in to be primed for a deep freedom. I was not shocked but a curious expectancy came through the butterflies of my deep anxiety. I'm looking forward to the space that will open up on the other side of the acknowledgements and work to become conscious in the area that is keeping me a prisoner.

Infused with loving energy

I have an energetic response every time these cards want to offer me their support. In my heart, in my throat, in my belly, in my mind I experience an expanding vibration that warms me from the inside out. The art is transportive. The kindness in the wording is humbling. Gratitude for the expression therein.

Miranda Wyatt

This is so incredibly helpful thank you so much

Sarra Reyes
Beautiful & useful

Love these cards. Originally got them because I wanted the frequencies to impact my life and don’t have the money to buy them individually. The cards are great quality and quickly aligned with me. The spreads in the booklet have been helpful. My poor booklet has already begun falling apart so am thinking of putting a hole punch and tying the pages together so none get lost. I recommend these (and Teal’s work overall) to all who will listen.