Women's Day 2020 - Free Womb Healing Meditation


To allow the divine feminine within ourselves to surface, we need to search for these aspects within ourselves.


It is understandable how in today’s world, many of us would have suppressed these energies in order to cope with modern day life.


For example, it is difficult to allow the softness of receptive compassion into our life when we are expected to maintain competitive careers in the work place.   But our health depends on making the space in our lives to allow these inherent qualities to surface.


Our womanhood is unique. Every woman is a unique expression of the divine feminine. Coming into alignment with the divine feminine within us is not about conforming to an archetypal idea of what divine feminine is or isn’t. It is about releasing the things that disallow our own unique feminine essence from radiating through us.


It is about reclaiming who we really are.

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