Welcome to the Influencer Incentive Program!

This is an exclusive program that is for our pre-selected candidates that have already received permission via email to apply. If you have stumbled upon this page, but haven't spoke to us already, please send a letter of interest including your social media links to: sales@tealswan.com

This program currently exists to offer Teal Swan's signature 3 E-Courses to Influencers to get to take the lessons at no cost, and then let their audience know about it and offer a discount code to the follower base. We expect to expand our product offerings within the program as time progresses!


The end of this page has the form to submit your application and upon receipt, all approved applicants will be emailed promptly with your Discount Code and Welcome Email which will provide you access for yourself to the course(s) you signed up to promote. You will receive a code that offers 15% off the course(s) of your choice to give your audience, and all purchases confirmed through your code will offer you a percentage of the total sale, with the ability to receiver higher payouts with more courses sold.

Sell 1 to 9 Total Courses: Receive 20% of each sale in commission
Sell 10 to 24 Total Courses: Receive 30% of each sale in commission
Sell 25+ Total Courses: Receive 40% of each sale in commission

For Example: Let's say you sold 14 Self Love E-Courses. It's currently priced at $149, and when your customer uses their 15% off code, they'll pay approx $126. Your commission % comes out the total paid by the customer, so for 14 of these courses, you would make $529.20 USD in payouts.

Each Course is applied to the tiers individually rather than cumulatively, so for example once you reach 25+ Thrive In A Crisis sales, any future sales you get from that course will stay at that tier on-going!

We'll also have you on our Influencer email list, so if any product changes take place, we'll be sure to notify you!

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