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Frequency Tarot - Divine Guidance Cards

These frequency images, created by personal transformation revolutionary Teal Swan, are paintings of the energetic, vibrational frequency (pre-manifestation) of the specific subject matter each one represents. 

If you draw a card from this deck, you are either a vibrational match to the frequency you have drawn, or you would benefit by the frequency that you have drawn. The deck contains 77 frequency cards, and a booklet with descriptions of each card meaning as well as some reading spreads you can use the cards for.

Size: 2.9 in × 4.7 in × 1.1 in

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Susan Russell

This deck is beautiful. They are a wonderful addition to my morning ritual bring daily insights and energy . Thanks Teal for all you do to help us on our journey through life!!

Absolutely adore them

I cannot wait to learn more about how to use them in my readings for clients and myself.
I draw a card a day and let that frequency sink in.
Thank you Teal.

Dayna Salva
Thankful for the guidance and just wow...

I am in awe at the idea of what it took to create these images. Thank you Teal and the Team. I am using them everyday in meditation. They have survived a water spill and several cat attacks so far. From a wandering Ohio mom of 3 who is trying to find herself. P.s. My first card was upright 59.

Neal Truax
Unique energy

These cards have a completely different feel than Tarot. The cards emit energy much like crystals do. If you are sensitive to crystals you will probably be able to feel these cards..like crystsls...To me this energy feels like source as opposed to spiritual entities. Like you are accessing the link between you and source, your higher subconsious feeling the pressure of probable outcomes, and helps you recognize what you are doing, where you are at, and what is likely coming if you keep resonating as you are.. Cleaner feeling..to me Tarot feels murky energetically. If you are a sensitive and practice Tarot, these cards would be good to have to see if the messages vibe with your personal truth. The booklet could be bigger. Highly recommend no matter how many other decks you have

Aqseer Sodhi

Everything I needed.