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Sri Yantra - Magnets

Sri Yantra - Magnets

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SRI YANTRA: A dissolver of obstacles. The root of the word yantra means to "sustain". Traditionally, it represents the "abode" of the deities (true self), an area of sacred space protected from the disintegrating forces of chaos, (otherwise known as an upper dimension). Yantras (such as this) are used to aid a person in concentration of the mind leading to realization of the abstract principle which is the deep, inner meaning of the visible representation. The Sri Yantra is linked to the innate potential of human-ness instead of overcoming human limitations. It represents the fact that these the connection to source is inherent in the human body. We all have access to it at all times, but that we do not find it by going outside ourselves in search of it... Rather we find it by delving deeply within ourselves. The Sri Yantra has a VERY complex multidimensional vibration. I have greatly simplified it here for the purpose of an explanation. spending time with it is really the only way to absorb its full Meaning and significance. The Sri Yantra can help you with: Feeling alive, significant, meaningful and connected Awake-awareness Honesty Embodiment of free independent will Taking inspired action Harmony Staying Grounded Non Judgment Spiritual Knowledge Finding the true self Dispelling confusion Reaching upper dimensional awareness Union of male and female energy Understanding humanity Breaking vicious cycles that have no end unless you are honest with yourself. Open Heart Allowing others Wisdom Dissipating the feeling of "overwhelm" Moving swiftly and finding the quickest, most direct route to your desires Riding the wave of creativity Right Speech Recognizing Oneness...The molecules of your body are the same molecules that make up the cosmos which does not exist separate from you.

»»» Frequency Paintings by Teal Swan are energetic patterns that are a part of pre-manifested reality that then translate into your physical experience when you spend time near them! A frequency art product is homeopathic in nature and causes the person(s) around them to entrain with that particular frequency, or even multiple frequencies should you want to work with several. They are excellent to sit with in meditation, to have in your living space, and to wear with you throughout your day (the people around you will also get to benefit!). «««
Want to get your message across? Great ideas deserve to be spread, and what easier way than using custom magnets anywhere there is a metallic surface? These strong, fast holding magnets boldly broadcast your message for all to see, get yours today!

.: For indoor or outdoor use
.: Three sizes to choose from
.: Thin (.8 mm) and lightweight
.: Black backing