Calming Your Fear Meditation by Teal Swan

Whenever you feel afraid and your fear is causing you distress, this meditation serves to calm and soothe that fear.  It guides you through a gentle process of recognizing, understanding and meeting the needs of the vulnerability that is causing the fear.  It also guides you through a powerful resourcing experience.  By doing so, it restores you to a sense of grounded stability, clarity, security, courage and calm.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Haas
I love this meditation

This Calming Your Fear meditation is a good for getting back into your body when fear is spiraling out of control. I’ve suffered from panic attacks for many years and it is so important to me to have great tools like this that really make space for fear and help me to process it before it gets out of control. Thank you so much!!

Alenor L
Beyond helpful

I just did this meditation and I got so much insight into what my fear was about and what I needed. I highly recommend this guided meditation!

Exceeded expectations

Amazingly powerful. Stopped me from getting caught in a negative downward spiral while I was in a state of panic. Completely released the feeling of fear from my body. One of my favourite meditations by Teal!

Petra P.

This meditation really pulled me out from the dark whenever I was in deep fear or panic.


I love that every meditation is like a lesson you're buying and this one is especially important. I needed this more than I thought. It's called 'Calming Your Fear' but in my opinion it's not the only thing it provides. It's beneficial for anyone who wants to discover more about themselves while going through agonizing or just restless frustration of the thoughts in their head. I felt validated and didn't even noticed it, but what I have noticed instantly is that my perception of the situation changed and I even felt encouraged to dive deep next time afterwards thanks to my fear and fixed mindset about needing to deal with everything I don't want.Thank you for that