Finanční znehodnocení Meditace Teal Swan

Tato meditace způsobuje, že jsme vibrují na frekvenci finančních hojností a bohatství. Tím, že svou vibrujeme na frekvenci bohatství, umožňujeme, aby příležitosti pro bohatství mohly přijít do našich životů. Tato meditace nás učí, jak přemýšlet o penězích tak, abychom to mohli dát do našich životů a také nám pomáhá projevit to, co skutečně toužíme, že "potřebujeme peníze na získání".

Customer Reviews

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It feels like a good one. But I've not seen any shifts in my reality after doing it for a few weeks.

Money flows easier since doing this meditation

Since doing this mefitation i am more relaxed about receiving expected and unexpected money anf thats what has been coming in. I never believed money was just energy and that mord we stress about the mord we stop it from comong to us. Loved thus and teals meditations are awsome x

Literally saved £100 the next day

I listened to this meditation and loved it! I've always been a little sceptical about the power of these things (it was my first time doing this), and then lo and behold the following day I had a medical consultation bill waived off my account simply because the Dr felt I deserved not to pay?! I mean...who does that!
strange timing indeed! I think it actually worked !!!

The money (moderately) flows ever since

This is the first meditation I tried from Teal and I love it. I even cried a little in relief. I have a great fear of not having money, it's something I was always lacking in my life. I lived believing I am extremely poor, but this meditation made me realize I always had enough, and even a little more. Now I'm able to stress less about my financial situation and I believe money will come to me even if I don't make myself sweat blood.

It changed my perception of receiving money

I felt the change in me as a did the meditation😍. It made a big difference for me, in being able to accept and receive wealth. I feel worthy of wealth.