Inner Compass Deck (Amazon Only At This Time)

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The Inner Compass Deck has a very simple yet valuable aim: to help you discover what you value most so you can live unconditionally according to these values, applying them to your work, relationships, mental health and everyday life. Think of your honest, authentic self as true north and this values deck as your compass, guiding you to what you want to be in the world, what you want to do and how you want to go about doing it.

The deck includes 200 unique and beautiful cards that encourage you to look beyond self-imposed barriers and see the real you. 

Discover the values most important to you through the Personal Value layout, which intuitively leads you to true reflection and self awareness. Navigate difficult decisions using the Decision Assist layout finding out what values you should be prioritizing in your choice. Or, work together with a loved one, friend or colleague to identify your top shared values in the Ours layout. Through honesty and self-reflection this deck will highlight your key values, helping you to form closer relationships and make more informed life choices.