Frequency Paintings FAQ Video

In the video below, Teal answers the most frequently asked questions about her Frequency Paintings.

CLICK HERE for all of Teal's paintings. Paintings shown in the beginning of the video: Exploration.

00:14 What's the process of Teal painting her frequency art?
03:55 Do the paintings look exactly the same in real life as they do in the paintings?
05:17 Has Teal ever painted a low frequency painting?
06:16 How long does it take to entrain with a frequency? How to amplify the frequency?
06:57 Are some of these paintings for sale?
07:58 What medium does Teal use to create her paintings?
08:32 Do you have a painting for success?
09:41 Which paintings should you keep in your bedroom?
10:19 What frequency is good for work or to help pass a test? 
10:48 When is it time to take the painting down?

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