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We wanted to first thank each and every one of you for your on-going support. It has been such a pleasure to be able to provide to you new & unique ways to get Teal's Frequency Paintings out into the world, and we have been wanting to check in and see how they may have impacted your reality after getting them.

Our team did some research, and what we found was so insightful, that we wanted to share it with you today.
A recent study by Clutch Research shows that approximately 1 in 5 customers rely on reviews when shopping online, yet 81% of those same people actually do not leave reviews themselves on products they have purchased.

It's our hope and wish to share and highlight the value within Teal's Frequency Paintings, so that as many people can benefit as possible. Because of the unique nature of our offerings, what can massively support us on this mission is to hear from you on how your experience has been with them thus far. This may allow others to see the potential of these frequencies and perhaps allow them to try it out too, and also receive the benefit that that is offered by entraining with these energies.


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Also, if you are an owner of Frequency Merch but aren't sure if you're experiencing something in the way you'd expected, or feel unsure relative to how to use these frequencies,
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