Nahrazení meditace bolesti Teal Swan

Tato stínová meditace vyzývá posluchače, aby identifikoval věc v jejich životě, která jim způsobuje největší bolest. Meditace je pak provede procesem uvědomění si, proč je tam ta bolest, a pak uvolňuje bolest. Poté, co posluchač identifikoval a vydal jejich vazbu k bolesti, jsou vedeni procesem nahrazení jejich bolesti něčím, co se cítí dobře.

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Like therapy

I use this meditation whenever I'm in a dark place. With this I can realize and work through my pain.

Thumbs Up! 👍😊👍

I’ve tried many different meditations over the years to help resolve issues I’ve had with physical pain. None of them compare to this “Replacing The Pain” one. I liked it because it got to the crux of the matter in a surprisingly gentle yet stern way, and seemed to genuinely resolve my issues, as I’ve had no pain in those spots since doing the meditation. I also appreciate this meditation because it helped me put two and two together and learn more about how different things from my childhood affected me, and what I could do to console myself such that I could begin to heal and move on.

Helped me have a revelation

This meditation honestly helped me have one of the biggest realizations I have had this year, and it was that a part of me was trying to stay connected to people by staying in pain so that they could love me. I am so grateful to have this insight as it made me pin point one of my most prominent self concept.