Why You're Not Getting What You Want - Guided Meditation by Teal Swan

This meditation leads you through the process of becoming aware of what your subconscious commitment is. Subconscious commitments often oppose conscious commitments; making the things that you want and are deeply committed to, difficult or impossible to attain. But becoming aware of your subconscious commitment, puts you in the empowered position to choose as well as to align your energy and actions with what you really want.  

Customer Reviews

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Yosemite Rojas
Super Helpful

It allowed me to have clarity on what my soul is truly interested in and desires. By identifying that it was easier to get in alignment with myself.

Rhea Deletic-Mimica
They're ways worth it

The meditation clearly showed me how much I was actually comitted to escaping instead of creating the life I want. I mean I was kind of aware of it,but this helped fully crystalize that that's actually the way I've been living my life. I'm very thankful for the help ♥️

Love love love

Listened one time and figured out why I wasn’t manifesting a relationship. Love how open teal is. She is really amazing at guiding a person to go into the depths of themselves.