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Teal's 2020 Meditation Vault - All Meditations!

This is Teal's complete collection of Guided Meditations all bundled into one! It's only being offered for a short time, so grab it before it's gone & for the best price we've ever sold it at (35% off!).

Here are all the details, be sure to read through everything prior to purchase as this is a non-refundable item:

You are getting all 27 guided meditations, a $136 value!

1. Meet Your Spirit Guide
2. Discover Your Self Concept
3. Attracting Your Soul Mate
4. Give It Back (Shadow Meditation)
5. Merging With Your Future Self
6. Feel Good
7. Forgiveness
8. Stress Relief
9. Healthy Boundaries
10. Tree Meditation
11. Light Healing
12. Meet Your Spirit Animal
13. The Body Breath
14. Cutting Cords
15. Replacing The Pain
16. The Sanctuary
17. River Release
18. Financial Abundance
19. Loneliness
20. Gayatri
21. Crown Chakra Opening
22. Openness
23. Heartbeat
24. Dissolving Stuckness
25. Healing the Masculine Wound
26. Womb Healing
27. Calming Your Fear
We recommend making this purchase on a computer over a phone as the file size is large and must have the space to download it (>1 GB .zip file).

Upon purchase, you will be able to download your meditation bundle via your Order Confirmation page. Having trouble locating it? You will also be emailed a link to find it :) Note that we are providing all meditations released up until the present day. Future meditations that are released will need to be additionally purchased.

Enjoy & we wish you a wonderful meditation experience!