Trust - Frequency Scarf

TRUST: The Frequency of Trust between people.  To trust is to be able to rely on someone to capitalize on and care for your best interests.  It is a form of being able to depending on someone that feels secure and safe.  This painting is also encoded with sacred trust symbols that amplify its overall frequency.

»»» Teal's Frequency Paintings are energetic patterns that are a part of pre-manifested reality that then translate into your physical experience when you spend time near them! A frequency art product is homeopathic in nature and causes the person(s) around them to entrain with that particular frequency, or even multiple frequencies should you want to work with several. They are excellent to sit with in meditation, to have in your living space, and to wear with you throughout your day (the people around you will also get to benefit!). «««


Made from high quality poly voile and poly chiffon, this transparent scarf is extremely light and airy. Outstanding quality print turns it into a head turning style accessory.

.: 100% Polyester
.: Multiple sizes