12 Videos:

Introduction/What is Sexual Trauma Anyway?


This Masterclass introduces you to your teachers, who share their own sexual trauma.They will also give you a peek into what will be discussed during the entire course, define trauma and healing in-depth, and explain what healing from sexual abuse and trauma can lead to.


Includes two exercises.

Sylvia & Corinna - What's Your Story?


Get to know the stories of the two brave young women participating in the course with you.

How were they abused and how are they affected by it now?

Why did this happen to me?


Time to discuss guilt, that is often a way of those who have been abused to gain their power back, but self-blame can also become a coping mechanism.


What do you make being sexually abused or traumatized mean about you?


Includes an exercise.

Fragmentation & Unresolved Trauma


We can get stuck in the past if we do not resolve our trauma.


In this lesson, you will learn how to resolve trauma through the introduction of fragmentation and the Completion Process, created by Teal Swan.


Includes an exercise.



Gaslighting is when your reality is discredited.


It is when you know and feel something to be true, yet someone is trying to convince you it isn't.


In this lesson, Teal Swan and Dr. Laura Berman talk about gaslighting and how it is related to parallel realities.


Includes an exercise.

Shame & Guilt


What is the difference between shame and guilt, and how do they play into sexual trauma and abuse?


Learn also about trauma bonding, and the benefits it can have in your healing process.


Includes two exercises.



Boundaries are not fences, but simply those things like feelings, thoughts, needs and preferences that uniquely define you.


The discussion is focused on understanding boundaries, finding them and potentially redefining them, redefining your self concept.


Includes two exercises.

Rehabilitating your Relationship to Relationships


Coming out about your sexual abuse or trauma - what can you expect?


Learn also how to choose your partner, importance of compatibility in relationships, understand what true intimacy is, and what trusting someone actually means.


Includes two exercises.

How to Reconnect to your Sexuality


Sex can be good for your health and orgasms can be used for manifestation. Babies and toddlers are already sexual beings. Sexual energy is creative energy. In this lesson, you get tools to reconnect to your own sexuality again.


Includes two exercises.


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Heal, Learn, Teach: Forgiveness & Your Story


Forgiveness is a sore topic for those who have been sexually abused or traumatized. In this lesson, Teal Swan and Dr. Laura Berman explain why you shouldn't even try to forgive your abuser.


Includes an exercise.



Something people often run into after experiencing sexual abuse or trauma is to try and get on with their life. But life doesn't really continue. Being sexually abused or traumatized can feel like a part of you died. In this lesson, you get a demonstration of how to express emotions.


Includes an exercise.

Moving On


What does the future look like now for Sylvia and Corinna? A final Q&A with Dr. Laura Berman and Teal Swan.


Includes an exercise.