What Is Your Blind Spot?

Find out what you don't know that you don't know!

What are you not seeing? The Blind Spot Oracle cards are designed to specifically tell you what you’re not aware of relative to any subject in your life. Each card in the deck acts as a berth for a specific SIGIL (an inscribed or painted symbol or seal).

This is not a regular positive focus deck! The Blind Spot Oracle shows you REALITY, which, as we know, is not always comfortable. The question is - are you ready to choose to hear the uncomfortable truths over comforting lies? If the answer is yes, this deck is for you.




The contents that lay hidden in our blind spots could be many different things. They could be things we don’t perceive about others or ourselves. For example, they could be motives, fears, desires, needs, truths, reasons, habits, patterns and the list goes on.

When I know what I don’t know and I know what I do know, that is still in the realm of knowing. But when it comes to a blind spot, awareness is about becoming aware of what you don’t know that you don’t know.

Many times, we do not have awareness of things because they are too painful to face or consider. But doing so is critical. We must be willing to wander into the realm of what we don’t know that we don’t know if we want to become conscious creators of our life. We must be willing to do this for the sake of our happiness, growth, safety, health, purpose, relationships and every other part of our life.


What Is The Difference Between a Tarot Deck and an Oracle Deck?

Divining is the art of perceiving what lies beyond the normal human senses. This includes art forms like foretelling the future or dowsing for water. Over the course of human history, human beings have created a plethora of tools for the purpose of divining.

 The tarot is one such form of divination tool. They are specifically designed to help a person see and know what is not immediately obvious to the physical human senses. Tarot cards are a tool that is created and typically used with a traditional structure and set meaning and rules to go along with that structure. There is a common theme that runs through tarot decks.

Oracle decks are designed to do the same thing, but are not created in alignment with any tradition. They have no set structure or rules that go along with them. Each oracle deck tends to be completely unique in terms of structure, meaning and how it is meant to be used.

 The Blind Spot Oracle Deck is a deck of oracle cards that are straight forward in terms of purpose. Though all divination is about gaining awareness (and often this means seeing what lies beyond the normal human senses), these cards are designed to specifically tell you what you are not aware of relative to whatever you are consulting the cards for.


About The Images

The artwork on these cards was originally painted by hand directly on paper by Teal Swan and painted while deep in trance states.

Each card acts as a berth for a specific Sigil. A Sigil is an inscribed or painted symbol or seal. But the difference between a symbol and a Sigil is that unlike a symbol, a Sigil is not representing anything. Instead, the symbol itself is like a body for a specific essence, entity or spirit. This is why a Sigil is considered to have magical powers.

For example, you could use a symbol to represent a specific archangel. But a Sigil would act as a physical manifestation of that archangel. It would act as a portal to enable that entity or spirit to enter the realm of the physical. Therefore, the Sigil is considered to be a living entity in and of itself. This is what makes them so incredibly powerful.

Each Sigil in this oracle deck has the capacity to influence you (like a teacher or a guide) so as to make you aware relative to the specific blind spot it has chosen to be assigned to. When using this deck, you are asked to invite the special essence of the Sigil into your life in order to help you.


All Decks Include:

78 cards, each with a unique Sigil and reference number

A Guidebook with descriptions of all 78 Sigils as well as guided steps to move forward in your situation

A hard box that holds both your deck and Guidebook.