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Get What You Want Meditation by Teal Swan

This feel-good meditation, uses the power of ‘resourcing’ to powerfully put you in the vibration of already having whatever it is that you want. It causes you to anchor what you want into the tissues of your body.

This, in a universe based on the Law of Mirroring (often called the Law of Attraction) causes all 
people, places, things, circumstances, opportunities and experiences that vibrate at that same frequency as what you want, to be drawn to you. This means, what you want, will manifest in the physical. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Juliet Parrott-Merrill
Eye Opening

I thought I was committed to the right thing in the right way, but this meditation helped me see that I wasn't quite. Now I can fix that and move on. Thanks teal!

Oscar Bergsten

The Get what you want meditation is just another proof of what an excellent guide and healer Teal is. Always amazed!
-Oscar from Sweden

Cassandra Hoyt
Love this meditation

Such an amazing meditation, as all of Teal's guided meditations that I've listened to are.


Teal has changed my life... 100% . I love how she digs deep! Her knowledge is wayyyy beyond this world. Bought all her books, self love course, Thriving in a crisis and almost all her meditations, tarot deck and Blindspot oracle cards. I treasure all of it! love you Teal, thank you for everything

Steph Silva
Another Amazing Meditation

This is another amazing meditation fo add to the collection. Teal is so incredible!! Thank you Teal and Team. I have been feeling aligned since doing this mediation.