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Give It Back Meditation by Teal Swan

This meditation is designed to find and relieve excess and unhealthy responsibility. In this shadow meditation, you will be guided to find and give back what isn’t yours to hold and be responsible for so that you are left with only what is actually yours to be responsible for. All of us are carrying pressure and are carrying specific things that are not actually ours to carry to begin with. These things are given to us by others who didn’t want to or who felt incapable of being responsible for those things. We live our lives in shame and guilt and self-blame and hyper responsibility; crushed under the weight of the world because of it. The time has come to give it back to whom it belongs.

Customer Reviews

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Did this meditation help me?

Yes, it absolutely did help me. As I passed my family's projection up the line, I felt relief. I saw the line of victims of victims. I saw my purpouse of my family's line ending if someone like myself did not heal it. That is part of my purpose. Also, I felt the presence of great ancestors in my room thanking me for healing the ancestral line. I cried and released so much projection that was never mine. Thanks Teal! The world does not deserve you. I know you don't like the word deserve but they really really don't.


I love this one. It truly helps me to take the burdens off my shoulders. It also helps to dig deep into the problems. I recommend it to everyone who have issues with authority figures.

Great meditation

thank you for your help