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Replacing the Pain Meditation by Teal Swan

This Shadow Meditation invites the listener to identify the thing in their life that is causing them the most pain. The meditation then guides them through a process of realizing why that pain is there and then releasing the pain. After the listener has identified and released their attachment to the pain, they are guided through a process of replacing their pain with something that feels good.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent for the unknown

When you're challenged and panic sets in, remind yourself that no matter the outcome, you need to continue moving with purpose whatever that purpose is. Your journey is just that, YOUR journey. Any kind of timeframe you've been given, exceed everyone's expectations every time you remember.. practice often, muscle memory

Petra P.
Like therapy

I use this meditation whenever I'm in a dark place. With this I can realize and work through my pain.

Juliet Parrott-Merrill
Thumbs Up! 👍😊👍

I’ve tried many different meditations over the years to help resolve issues I’ve had with physical pain. None of them compare to this “Replacing The Pain” one. I liked it because it got to the crux of the matter in a surprisingly gentle yet stern way, and seemed to genuinely resolve my issues, as I’ve had no pain in those spots since doing the meditation. I also appreciate this meditation because it helped me put two and two together and learn more about how different things from my childhood affected me, and what I could do to console myself such that I could begin to heal and move on.

Beril Karancı
Helped me have a revelation

This meditation honestly helped me have one of the biggest realizations I have had this year, and it was that a part of me was trying to stay connected to people by staying in pain so that they could love me. I am so grateful to have this insight as it made me pin point one of my most prominent self concept.