Out of Body Experience Starter Kit

Have you seen Teal's video on How to Have an Out of Body Experience & Astral Travel? No worries if you haven't, we'll go ahead and link it below. To complement what she teaches in this video, we wanted to show you an example of what a starter pack could look like, utilizing Teal's Frequency Paintings, to enhance your experiences!

Teal's Frequency Paintings are energetic patterns that are a part of pre-manifested reality that then translate into your physical experience when you spend time near them! A frequency art product is homeopathic in nature and causes the person(s) around them to entrain with that particular frequency, or even multiple frequencies should you want to work with several. They are excellent to sit with in meditation, to have in your living space, and to wear with you throughout your day (the people around you will also get to benefit!).


The vibration of the geometric pattern that the light body or energy field of a person takes on when their consciousness is no longer purely focused physically and is now able to travel (or is traveling) through other dimensional realities. The fully activated Merkabah indicates that a person is able to integrate and transform their body, mind and spirit into one pattern of light. Thus, it is a form of consciousness induced light travel. This vibration is especially helpful for astral travel, OBE, accessing the Akashic record, inter-dimensional travel and connecting/communicating with extra dimensional beings.

Arcturian Astral Travel Grid:

An Arcturian Lattice Grid that facilitates out of body experience and astral travel. This grid is able to open traversable wormholes, which allows one’s consciousness to travel back and forth between different universes and different dimensions.

Out of Body Activation Grid:

A vibrational pattern used to induce inter-dimensional travel. Contrary to common understanding, inter-dimensional travel is not done by going out into the universe, it is done by moving into the self. The reality we perceive is a reflection of the self. To access higher dimensions including source itself, we do not travel outward, we journey inward. This vibration, as the name implies induces out of body experience and astral travel. It “kicks” people out of their limited perspective, and so it is useful whenever one wishes to alter their perspective on anything. It has a very similar effect on the consciousness of an individual as the traditional “medicine” called Ayahuasca.


We hope you enjoy the products featured from our up & coming RageOn store*! It will be where we will be offering the bulk of our all-over frequency print gear! We are adding new product daily, but we just had to give you a peek while it's in progress :)

Feel free to comment and let us know how these products serve you & which ones you chose! Also let us know if there are starter packs for any other intentions that you would like to see us create.

Happy (Astral) Travels!

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