New Frequency Wearables & A Sale!

Hi everyone! We are so so excited to show you some of the new frequency merchandise that we have been working on. Everything is on an introductory sale, and there is no code needed. Save an average of 20% or more now through March 27th, 2019!

All materials are vegan, printed using environmentally-friendly inks, using a high-quality ring-spun Polyester. Ready for a sneak peek?

We've got something for everyone, even the kids!
The items pictured below are the Frequency Tank Tops, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Zip-Up Hoodies, available in Adult and Kids sizes and are Unisex!

In addition to the above, we've got Joggers and Swim Trunks for you! Did we also mention...Onesies? YES. Onesies that adults can also wear, while entraining with your favorite frequency! See them below:

Think that's all? Not even close! Welcome our new: Women's Tees, Crop Tops, Dresses, Bikinis, Leggings, and Yoga Pants!!

Let's not forget to accessorize! Introducing the all new...Frequency Shoes!! These come in white & black; low & high tops! Of course, we're hooking you up with Socks to go with them. Also featured are the new Frequency Underwear, and also Bandanas! Psstt... people love to grab frequency bandanas for the family dog to wear!

We hope you find something you love! Remember, Teal's Frequency Paintings are energetic patterns that are a part of pre-manifested reality that then translate into your physical experience when you spend time near them! A frequency art product is homeopathic in nature and causes the person(s) around them to entrain with that particular frequency, or even multiple frequencies should you want to work with several. They are excellent to sit with in meditation, to have in your living space, and to wear with you throughout your day (the people around you will also get to benefit!).

The sale is valid through end-of-day March 27th, 2019! We will also be continuosly expanding the line with more frequencies and more product options, so be sure to sign up for our Shop Newsletter to stay updates & also receive exclusive email discounts that nobody else gets!

Want to show off your Frequency Gear and have a chance for us to feature it? Send over your photos to - we would love to see them!

Much love!