The Forward Movement Collection

Can you feel the momentum of energy, wanting to propel you forward but somehow... you feel stuck? Perhaps directionless, unsure how to even progress forward?

It can be like trying to navigate through the dark without a flashlight. Is it safer to just stay where we are, or to venture onward where we don't know how to tell what is going to be right for us to do or where is right for us to go.

At this particular point in time, we felt guided to want to assist anyone and everyone resonating with this. We have compiled a collection with 3 frequencies (paintings by Teal Swan that contain the energetic blueprint of the subject matter that by spending time with or near them, your own energy begins to entrain with it to manifest it in your own life) that may assist:

MOVING FORWARD: The vibration of forward momentum as it applies to human life. We have the tendency to hold ourselves back in out lives because of fear or limiting beliefs. This vibration helps you to not hold yourself back. It is an especially good vibration when one feels stuck or plateaued. It greatly amplifies success and progression.

EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION: It's hard to navigate a life that is right for us personally without our own internal compass, otherwise known as our emotions. This vibration causes an emotional catharsis and makes it impossible to suppress emotion. It “pops the lid off” of emotions and gets you in touch with your emotions. It has been known to cause breakdowns in those who are trying to “keep it together” despite intense emotional tension or pressure. This is an ideal vibration for anyone who is not in touch with emotions or who commonly suppresses their emotions. It is also ideal for anyone who is trying to “keep it all together” to the detriment of his or her true joy or true needs. This vibration also facilitates authentic communication.

THE POWER LATTICE: Ready to illuminate the dark with the fires ablaze within your own center of Power? This Arcturian light lattice is designed to both harness power and enhance a being’s innate power. This enhances a being’s ability and capacity to create what is desired. It also enhances a being’s capacity to influence and direct the course of events as well as other things in the universe.

We have compiled a collection of frequency products that you can use and also wear to assist you with these intentions of forward-moving progression, as you begin to further get back in touch with your emotional guidance system, while enhancing your own innate & powerful ability to create what it is you want.

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If we had one wish, it would be for all of us to tap into our true potential and creator nature, knowing that it's okay to move forward and have support along the way. May these energetic frequency items support you on your path!

Much love always,