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Teal's Self-Mastery Bundle

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Whether you're looking to call in more abundance, Manifest your soul mate, discover your Spirit Animal, or connect with your Heart & more, Teal has recorded a meditation on it!


Many indigenous tribes believe that your spirit animal is your “animal equivalent”. In cultures that openly practiced shape shifting, it was believed that this is the animal that you would shape shift into once you learned how to change forms. This Shadow Meditation is designed to create an interaction between you and your spirit animal so that you can discover what your spirit animal is and so that you can begin to embody the special gifts and metaphysical energies that belong to it; and vicariously you as a result of having this specific animal as your spirit animal.


This meditation causes us to vibrate at the frequency of financial abundance and wealth.

By vibrating at the frequency of wealth, we allow opportunities for wealth to come into our lives.This meditation teaches us how to think about money so as to allow it into our lives and it also helps us to manifest what we truly desire, that we “need money to get."


This meditation is designed to move the listener from a state of constriction, containment and closed-ness to a state of openness. In this meditation, the listener uses the visualization of blooming roses to open each chakra. They then welcome and breathe energy in and out of each chakra. Once the meditator is in this receptive space, they then dissolve the barrier between themselves and other people and open themselves to the experience of the world.


This meditation is a healing meditation through and through. It uses the power of the mind to heal the body by guiding the listener through a process of using light to create healing, vitality and wholeness within their body.

As you listen to this meditation, your vibration naturally rises which both prevents ailments from impacting your body and restores your body to a state of wellbeing.


This meditation is designed to put you in the right vibrational frequency to be a match to aligning with your soul mate.

Your soul mate being the person who is the highest, best and most compatible person for you, specifically as a life partner.

Listening to this mediation on a weekly basis can transform your love life.


In this meditation, we enter into visualization, where we create a ‘mind scape’ that allows our principal spirit guide to interact with us directly.

After meeting our spirit guide, we receive key insight for our current life and allow ourselves to experience the feeling of unconditional guidance, support and love that our spirit guide has to offer.


To have healthy boundaries is to have a sense of self that uniquely defines and separates your personal happiness, your personal integrity, your personal desires, your personal needs and therefore most importantly, your personal truth from the rest of the universe. This meditation is an opportunity for you to take time for yourself. This meditation teaches you how to be present with the truth of how you feel, and cultivate a sense of self, even in the face of opposition. It is designed to help you cultivate healthy boundaries.


This meditation takes you on an inner journey to meet your future self and to gain insight and also gifts from your future self.

It then leads you through a process of merging with your future self.

Doing this accelerates your expansion, personal growth and also your personal timelines.


This meditation is designed to induce states of positive emotion, ease and optimism.

In this meditation, we release worries, unwanted thoughts and emotions until we are left in a state of clarity and stillness. From there, we become aware of wellbeing and personal choice; and ultimately, we are led into a state of positive expectation and we begin to feel good.


This meditation is designed to find and relieve excess and unhealthy responsibility. In this shadow meditation, you will be guided to find and give back what isn’t yours to hold and be responsible for so that you are left with only what is actually yours to be responsible for. All of us are carrying pressure and are carrying specific things that are not actually ours to carry to begin with. These things are given to us by others who didn’t want to or who felt incapable of being responsible for those things. We live our lives in shame and guilt and self-blame and hyper responsibility; crushed under the weight of the world because of it. The time has come to give it back to whom it belongs.


In this meditation, Teal presents a new and better way to “cut energetic cords” so that they can never grow back again. This meditation is designed to assist you in ending the painful attachments that you have with other people.

It releases you from the negative patterns and dynamics and replaces attachment (which is fear based) with genuine connection and love.


This meditation is designed to guide you through the process of letting go of all resistance and tension in your being, so that you may find a state of ease and relaxation.

It is a particularity good meditation for anyone who carries stress within his or her body and longs for the sensation of peace.


This meditation grounds you and allows you to see the bigger picture. It guides you through the process of entraining with your own special tree and then merging with that tree in order to see life through its eyes. Trees are the teachers of timeless wisdom, eternal life, strength, stability and allowing. By becoming the tree, we are imbued with these immense qualities. This meditation is especially beneficial for anyone who is dealing with ‘drama’ in his or her life.


This meditation is designed to free the listener from their negative or painful emotions, feeling, beliefs and thoughts. In this meditation, a river is used to remove the listener’s struggles and carry them away so that the listener achieves a deep state of positive surrender. This meditation is a guided experience of letting go. The state of allowing that is achieved by this meditation, helps the listener feel relived and free enough to experience a profound lightness of being that in turn makes them ready to re-join the world without hesitation.


This meditation helps us to cultivate forgiveness in three directions, towards those we have hurt, towards others who have hurt us and towards ourselves.

By practicing forgiveness, we are setting ourselves free from the past. We are free to move forward and create the life we truly desire.


This Shadow Meditation puts your conscious mind in a state where your subconscious mind can reveal the hidden truth of the actual self-concept you hold.

By practicing this guided meditation, you will experience the authentic truth about the way you really think about yourself, feel about yourself and see yourself.


This meditation guides the listener through a process of opening their crown chakra, which is the chakra most associated with our connection to the spiritual realms. The crown chakra is the center of consciousness. It is associated with highest potential, intuitive knowing, integration of the whole, the opportunity to become a living embodiment of your higher self, the achievement of living enlightenment, the present moment, meaning, the bigger picture, devotion, trust, inspiration, the absence of ego, oneness and unity. Opening the crown chakra invites these transcendent energies into the listener’s daily life.


This meditation begins as a mindfulness meditation where the listener “tunes into” the world within and then observes the unique presence of their own breath. The meditation then transforms as the listener is asked to expand the breath so that their whole body (and not just their lungs) are breathing. It puts the listener into a state of allowing that brings about calm, stillness and inner peace. This meditation maximizes both oxygen intake and absorption into your tissues, which is incredibly healing for the body.


In this meditation, Teal guides the listener into a safe state of being where they are cocooned. From this cocooned state of safety, the listener then becomes acclimatized to receiving and breathing in light so that they can later fully receive a blessing directly from divine light. The heart of this meditation comes in the form of an ancient Sanskrit mantra called the Gayatri mantra. The Gayatri mantra is gifted to the listener in a way that the listener can take the vibration of the mantra deep into their being and allow himself or herself to be freed from all adverse situations.


This meditation allows the listener to become present to and provide unconditional presence to the void of loneliness within; as well as to re-establish connectivity with others and with the world at large.

By listening to this meditation, the inner void is filled and the feeling of loneliness is replaced by a feeling of connection.


A calming journey into the heart space with guided breathing.

Learn to connect with your heartbeat to synchronize your being along with it.

A relaxing, peaceful meditation guided by Teal Swan.


This meditation assists the listener to create their own perfect, detailed sanctuary in their mind. This unique sanctuary serves as a safe place that is stress free and is accessible only to them. Once we create a mental sanctuary, we can use it as a place to mentally return to any time we feel the need to relax or to feel safe again. The inner sanctuary is an unparalleled resource for a feeling of peace and rejuvenation. Once you create your own perfect sanctuary in your mind, it is yours to have and benefit from forever. Excellent to use to set up a safe haven for use with The Completion Process.


This Shadow Meditation invites the listener to identify the thing in their life that is causing them the most pain. The meditation then guides them through a process of realizing why that pain is there and then releasing the pain.

After the listener has identified and released their attachment to the pain, they are guided through a process of replacing their pain with something that feels good.

You Will Also Receive:

✔️ The Sculptor in the Sky eBook

Audiobook for Sculptor in the Sky

✔️ The Connection Process Audiobook

BONUS:The Self-Empowerment Teachings eBook!
Includes 268 inspirational quotes from Teal's teachings to guide you, support you and inspire you in your life.


The Sculptor in the Sky

Think of this book like the instruction manual we never received on how to live our lives here on Earth! It answers questions such as why are we here, what is Source, what is the Law of Attraction and how do we use it to create the reality we truly want? This book will put you back on course and assist you in sculpting the life of your dreams.

You will receive both the eBook and Audiobook in the Bundle!


The Connection Process presents three powerful esoteric processes that restore you from a state of separation to a state of connection with yourself and others. By engaging in the processes, youll be able to:

🌟Perceive fundamental truths about yourself, and others

🌟See, Hear, Feel, and Understand yourself and others

🌟Develop a deep sense of Connectedness with the world

Think about how good it would feel for someone to completely understand you
and how great it would be if they were so perceptive of your internal world that they knew exactly what you need or what to say.

Think of how good it would be to enjoy harmony in your relationships instead of suffering through conflicts.

Connect with yourself, others, and the world around you with your heart, body, emotion, and mind and enjoy the lasting joy that comes from making true connections.

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