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Frequency Tarot: A Free Reading

Hi everyone!

Today we wanted to showcase Teal's signature Frequency Tarot Card Deck by giving you a peek inside, and also providing you with a free reading to get a feel for it.

Teal's Frequency cards are like an Oracle deck, but with deep dive messages! This isn't your average deck by any means. It's for the individual that is on the quest for cultivating a greater depth of personal awareness and truth in order gain necessary insight on how to move or forward or approach a situation.

Is there a particular intention you might have for this card reading? Take a moment of reflection to decide if there is a particular circumstance you would like more insight into, or if you would perhaps just like a message from the universe as a form of guidance for you at this time.

Once you've done this, view the image below. Let yourself feel gravitated towards a card, maybe even multiple cards, and then continue scrolling down the post to reveal the cards!

Ready for the card readings?

Here are the full reveals, and individual card meanings will follow:

Beginning with Card A:

Unfold in Reverse:

If you've drawn this card in reverse, it's time to come out of your shell and take action. You may be overly preoccupied with how you are going to come off. You may instantly feel embarrassed when the spotlight is on you. You may even have a poor self image. But the truth remains the same, now is the time to express your potential. Now is the time to step in and do something.

Card B: 

Non Attachment in Reverse:

If you have drawn this card upright, now is the time to practice non-attachment. Release your attachment to outcomes and permanence. Take more of a backseat to the universe so you can allow it to offer you what is in alignment with your highest good because in your current state, your perspective might be limited. Keep your mind and actions focused on what you want. But try to release your desperation for what you desire. This card suggests that you would benefit by releasing your grasp to people, concepts, things, cravings etc. When you release your grasping, you come into a vibration of allowing and non-resistance, and as a result, you experience both peace and a heightened perspective. Not only that, when you release your attachment to a certain outcome, you are actually making the space for an even better outcome to fill the space.

Card C:

Positive Intention:

If you have drawn this card upright, it is time to question your intentions. If we want someone to suffer, it is because we think seeing them suffer will cause us to feel better. So our real intention is to feel better. Unless you are willing to say that wanting to feel better is a negative intention, there is no such thing as a negative intention. Right now you intend a positive thing, destiny, objective, purpose, or plan. But you are not currently being very honest about what your true positive intention actually is. Your integrity and success depends upon being able to admit to your actual intentions, no matter how wrong it may feel to admit to them. Once you admit to your actual intentions, you can take the shortcut and go straight to what you actually intend, instead of taking the long way to get there.

Our challenge for you is to find out the ways in which the card(s) you have selected apply to your life or circumstance in some way. We are always going to draw the card(s) we are a perfect match to because we live in a Law of Attraction based Universe. When our being tries to deny the message we are being given and tell ourselves something along the lines of: "Oh this isn't right, it doesn't apply to me at all," we encourage you to really sit with the message to see where it may apply in your life, but also being open to the fact that it may be revealed to you in the near future now if you feel receptive to looking out for it.

There are a total of 77 cards, but in actuality there almost twice as many card meanings as it changes along with how the card is revealed (upright or in reverse)! The booklet that is included with the deck contains not just the card meanings, but also an array of different spreads that you can use to gain vast insight into particular dilemmas or circumstances.

Feeling the call to grab a deck for yourself or for a loved one?

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Thank you so much for joining us for this collective sample reading, we are very thankful for you & your support. Feel free to share this page with someone who may also benefit from a message at this time in their own lives.

Much love,


  • I love to you. Very nice

    Mosam Khan
  • -you are wonderful. With the help of you – my life has totally changed. Things are more clear most off.

    Alex k
  • Thank you. Valuable insight, especially where I’m “off.” Healing!

  • thank you Teal and the team , thank you so much!


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