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Cutting Cords Meditation by Teal Swan

In this meditation, Teal presents a new and better way to “cut energetic cords” so that they can never grow back again. This meditation is designed to assist you in ending the painful attachments that you have with other people. It releases you from the negative patterns and dynamics and replaces attachment (which is fear based) with genuine connection and love.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A Must Aquire!

This meditation is one of my favorites ever. It's powerful, profound, and gentle. It really works, creates lasting change that feels amazing and it goes deep. It seems like something that would take months or years to do, this meditation is able to accomplish within a half-hour, without feeling rushed, it's very natural and goes right to the source. I've used it twice and will continue to use it to create energetic freedom for myself from unnecessary mental tanglings that are not serving my best interests anymore. This has freed me, I greatly appreciate it and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you very much, Teal.

Amazing experience

This experience was such a relief to me! It helped me to heal my past relationship traumas and cutting cords opened a lot of space inside of me for love and growth! I love it!!! Thank you! <3


I passed out halfway through and woke up buzzing like a lightbulb. I felt empowered the rest of the day. It's been a lot easier to identify and remove cords after this meditation

Very helpful

This meditation helped me to release a life long negative cord. I understood clearly why it was there and what I had to learn from it. I was able to release it peacefully and was surprised how easy it was for me. I can recommend this meditation. Give it a try!


A handy cord cutting tool. Great to have in my tool box 😀👍thank you Teal