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Financial Abundance Meditation by Teal Swan

This meditation causes us to vibrate at the frequency of financial abundance and wealth. By vibrating at the frequency of wealth, we allow opportunities for wealth to come into our lives. This meditation teaches us how to think about money so as to allow it into our lives and it also helps us to manifest what we truly desire, that we “need money to get”.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

It feels like a good one. But I've not seen any shifts in my reality after doing it for a few weeks.

Money flows easier since doing this meditation

Since doing this mefitation i am more relaxed about receiving expected and unexpected money anf thats what has been coming in. I never believed money was just energy and that mord we stress about the mord we stop it from comong to us. Loved thus and teals meditations are awsome x

Literally saved £100 the next day

I listened to this meditation and loved it! I've always been a little sceptical about the power of these things (it was my first time doing this), and then lo and behold the following day I had a medical consultation bill waived off my account simply because the Dr felt I deserved not to pay?! I mean...who does that!
strange timing indeed! I think it actually worked !!!

The money (moderately) flows ever since

This is the first meditation I tried from Teal and I love it. I even cried a little in relief. I have a great fear of not having money, it's something I was always lacking in my life. I lived believing I am extremely poor, but this meditation made me realize I always had enough, and even a little more. Now I'm able to stress less about my financial situation and I believe money will come to me even if I don't make myself sweat blood.

It changed my perception of receiving money

I felt the change in me as a did the meditation😍. It made a big difference for me, in being able to accept and receive wealth. I feel worthy of wealth.